Thursday, August 21, 2008

bloody heck pt. 2

I am certain you will all be mega hyped to hear that I just finished my essay. It's right on 4am. I'm going to bed.
  • pack bagz
  • finish making tapez
  • get in touch w/ chch friendz
  • hand in ezzay
  • get on buz
  • travel!
I really cannot wait. WELLINGTON SO SOON!
Here's a remix I made for Lil Pictures. Who are incidentally playing at Happy tonight w/ Seth Frightening and Trimasturbate. I hear there's facepainting too! Phwoar.
This House Can Fit Us All (Mattatat Dreamix) - Little Picccctures
See you soon, Wellington.


gigi said...

wow, how funny! I live in Wellington. I wonder if I will see you there???

Elizabiscuit said...

hey. you should post more.

Maybe about sweaters?