Sunday, November 23, 2008


so, today i moved home. home home. tapanui home. not an ideal place to be spending the rest of the year, but desperate times call for desperate measures, and sans-job, i had very little chance of finding the necessary $150 for my power bill by next week.
tomorrow i start working somewhere i promised myself i'd never work again. that somewhere being blue mountain lumber, aka "the sawmill". i'm not sure how i feel about this. guilty, i guess. i had the worst time there last summer, and it made my experiences up until mid-january pretty shit, but i am seriously desperate for cash. it sucks, really.
oh well, at least this time around i'll be working outside, and living at home is a good opportunity to eat healthy, which means i can lose weight! hooray. not that i feel i need to lose a great deal, i just would like to be 3-5 kilograms lighter. yeah. EXERCISE.
in more positive news, brains stuff is getting progressively more exciting. heaps of great bands and people have been giving us props, which genuinely surprises and thrills me every time, and i'm feeling like we could actually make this something quite big. big's not really the word i want, but y'know. we could go places. not being a "dunedin" band, that's for sure.
so we've booked a wellington show on the 31st, playing a camp a low hum renegade show, and hopefully another show at brownnote either just before or just after camp. it's gonna be great. i hope people like us.
if you want to listen, go here yeah?
that's about all i have to say tonight. maybe i'll get bored and compelled to write a lot over the next four weeks. i hope so. i wrote a song tonight, which i'm happy about.
anyway, until next time.