Tuesday, July 22, 2008

For Elizabiscuit

Because she said I should.
Dunedin is COLD and rainy. But that=OK because tonight I will drink some booze and feel WARM!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

My throat is sore

It really is. I think I'm a little bit fluey or something. But apart from the throat I feel ok, so maybe I should just be happy with that.
Polka Dot Dot Dot are coming to play soon, and I'm super excited. But I have to go postering, which is less thrilling. Especially because the posters will likely be up for about a day before they get taken down/covered. Argh. Frustrating. Still, at least it's, like, exercise and stuff. Speaking of D.I.C.K.-related activity, it appears that I shall be well busy over the next wee while. Hopefully putting on a show at Refuel with some young bands and stuff, and Thought Creature and Brand New Math both want me to help out with their tours. Lordy. Exciting.
I thought the other night that, once I'm finished with this living off the government and being super poor business, I should start a record label. Maybe a little superfluous in Dunedin at the moment, but I'd really like to do that someday. I think it'll be a fun challenge. And a super rad way to lose money but gain friends. Which is a pretty good trade off in my opinion.
I'm sending away my scholarship application thing today, so that should come through very shortly. I can't wait. I want to buy my plane tickets sooooooooon so I can holiday and visit everyone and drink wine from paper bags and make forts and hot chocolate and SO MUCH MORE!
I also need to make a good CV and apply for jobs around this lovely town for summer. I want sososo much to work at Real Groovy, but I think it might be hard to get a job there. I shall try, regardless.
Anything more? I think not, I'm pretty tired so I might make another cup of tea and peruse my Blackboard page, find out when I've got assignments due and all that. Disorganisation will be the death of me.
Also, I really super like Miles Benjamin Anthony Robinson at the moment. He's amazing.
You should listen to the tracks on his myspace, here it is