Monday, August 4, 2008

my year in lists

Here's some stuff I like presently
  • dark m&ms
  • the colgate 360
  • american splendour
  • maus
  • black lips
  • dinosaurs
  • film festival
  • sleepovers
  • electric blankets
  • tea (strong, black, no sugar)
  • hot water
  • toasted sandwiches
  • maggi 97% fat free noodles (phwoar)
  • little pictures (they're over to the side>>>)
  • pumice (download brawl)
  • cardigans
  • nice footwear that isn't horribly expensive (i wiiiiiish)
  • l.e.s. artistes
  • napping


gigi said...

Oh I LOVE lists. Lists are so cool and informative. My favourites were the dinosaurs and the cardigans... Although I think a dinosaur wearing a cardigan would probably be the coolest thing ever!!! I can just imagine that T rex now in a little teal number and I think a stegosaurus would suit an orange cardie. Definitely.

Amy said...

Dark m&ms - so good! And go very well with Film Festivals. American Splendor - also awesome (and the movie is awesome in its own uniquely awesome way - one of the few adaptations where they have the proper respect for the source material and also create a new work of art that stands on its own merits).

Thanks for pointing out the Pumice link.