Sunday, September 7, 2008

dear lizbiscuit

i hope you're less angry now, or that this at least cheers you up a little


i will be the happy umbrella-wielding man to your cute miniature horse any time you need.
also, more big blog to come...


gigi said...

This will surely make Liz's day, Who doesn't love a good miniature horse shielded from the elements? I can't wait until I have a miniature horse. It's going to live inside for a lot of the time so won't have an umbrella. Although in saying that, it will probably have a jolly hat (like a purple beret).

Elizabiscuit said...

haha! Gigi is right, this has totally made my day.

Probably all the perceived negativity in my life is due to a poverty in miniature horses.

Thanks so much Mattatat!

gigi said...

Excuse me, when is your next blog entry??