Thursday, August 21, 2008

bloody heck pt. 2

I am certain you will all be mega hyped to hear that I just finished my essay. It's right on 4am. I'm going to bed.
  • pack bagz
  • finish making tapez
  • get in touch w/ chch friendz
  • hand in ezzay
  • get on buz
  • travel!
I really cannot wait. WELLINGTON SO SOON!
Here's a remix I made for Lil Pictures. Who are incidentally playing at Happy tonight w/ Seth Frightening and Trimasturbate. I hear there's facepainting too! Phwoar.
This House Can Fit Us All (Mattatat Dreamix) - Little Picccctures
See you soon, Wellington.

Monday, August 18, 2008

bloody heck

this week is scary.
before friday i have to:
  • finish a materials of music assignment
  • do a materials of music class test
  • write a film music essay
  • do a music technology assignment
  • book a bus
  • go to chchchchchch
but after that, i get a whole week of fun fun hangout wine concert date party lazy awesome time
it will be bloody awesome i think
the olympics are taking their toll on me. in particular, the new zealand athletes' tendency to only compete at 2am local time. how inconsiderate. i think i have watched more hockey in the last 1.3 weeks than i ever have before. in my whole life! wow.
but, if by chance you happen to read this and will be in wellington next week, and we haven't already made plans to hang out, you should like, get in touch.
things i like at the moment:
  • this band
  • lots of other bands
  • brief periods of sun, breaking up long periods of awful.
  • plenty of stuff
  • being vague

Sunday, August 10, 2008

can i fold you in 14 ways to depend not defend?

I just thought about the song Souvenirs by Architecture in Helsinki. I think it is one of my favourites ever. Definitely my fave by them.
It is on their first album, Fingers Crossed, and is SO pretty. The lyrics are all about unrequited loves, or more specifically, loves which almost occurred, which is a theme which totally resonates deeply throughout my being. Ha.
I think my favourite couplet in this song is
"Whispers Chinese leaves a message leaves a metaphor
For what once was gold and once was rich but now is poor."
So so beautiful. I recommend the song+album to everyone. This was the closest thing I could find to a stream of the song, and it's ugly to look at, so maybe look at a tree or hug a blanket or something whilst it plays.

Yeah. Also, this song is great too. And so is the video.

I think I will watch some more Olympics then hit the hay.

Monday, August 4, 2008

my year in lists

Here's some stuff I like presently
  • dark m&ms
  • the colgate 360
  • american splendour
  • maus
  • black lips
  • dinosaurs
  • film festival
  • sleepovers
  • electric blankets
  • tea (strong, black, no sugar)
  • hot water
  • toasted sandwiches
  • maggi 97% fat free noodles (phwoar)
  • little pictures (they're over to the side>>>)
  • pumice (download brawl)
  • cardigans
  • nice footwear that isn't horribly expensive (i wiiiiiish)
  • l.e.s. artistes
  • napping

I had a really good blog written last night

But then I decided I hated it, so I deleted it.
I've been feeling frustrated of late. At what specifically, I couldn't tell you. It's kinda just like an overarching frustration at lots of things. The cold? Being poor? Not being able to find new bands that I am totally in love with? Maybe it's all of these things. Dunno. Probably.
I think things will get more exciting soon though. I'm going to Wellington in 3 weeks, or even like 2.5. Wow! I have (drunkenly and otherwise) promised my time to many different groups, so hopefully I can fulfill these commitments. I think sober promises will have to take precedent though. It only seems right.
School is pretty dumb at the moment. I've recently realised that I just want to be finished and to get a real job and just do promotey stuff. Coz at this stage, the fact that I am without wads of disposable income makes stuff much more difficult and stressful than it needs to be. But! I did buy a lovely woolen cardigan the other day. I felt that the expense was warranted, because it was a lovely deep blue and very soft. And I needed a cardigan lots. Oh, and I also bought the complete Maus from Scribes Secondhand Bookstore. Hooray!
I should finish this post, because I'm currently procrastinating from doing quite an important assignment. Eek and egad. Here is a picture of the world's worst pizza