Wednesday, March 18, 2009


more shit is ONNA DA WAY.
peace and reggae. more like realgay. HAHAHA

Sunday, November 23, 2008


so, today i moved home. home home. tapanui home. not an ideal place to be spending the rest of the year, but desperate times call for desperate measures, and sans-job, i had very little chance of finding the necessary $150 for my power bill by next week.
tomorrow i start working somewhere i promised myself i'd never work again. that somewhere being blue mountain lumber, aka "the sawmill". i'm not sure how i feel about this. guilty, i guess. i had the worst time there last summer, and it made my experiences up until mid-january pretty shit, but i am seriously desperate for cash. it sucks, really.
oh well, at least this time around i'll be working outside, and living at home is a good opportunity to eat healthy, which means i can lose weight! hooray. not that i feel i need to lose a great deal, i just would like to be 3-5 kilograms lighter. yeah. EXERCISE.
in more positive news, brains stuff is getting progressively more exciting. heaps of great bands and people have been giving us props, which genuinely surprises and thrills me every time, and i'm feeling like we could actually make this something quite big. big's not really the word i want, but y'know. we could go places. not being a "dunedin" band, that's for sure.
so we've booked a wellington show on the 31st, playing a camp a low hum renegade show, and hopefully another show at brownnote either just before or just after camp. it's gonna be great. i hope people like us.
if you want to listen, go here yeah?
that's about all i have to say tonight. maybe i'll get bored and compelled to write a lot over the next four weeks. i hope so. i wrote a song tonight, which i'm happy about.
anyway, until next time.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

post with the most toast

i apologise for leading you in with promises of updates on my life, and then again with a blog about toast, but i'm sometimes unreliable like that.
basically, thought creature went well, i spent some time in christchurch, went to a weird party and ate some gross corn chips (stale), my memory blanked for a few weeks, i had a big weird birthday party that i've explained too many times. it was awesome though.
here's a brief video that mr chris andrews (lord and master of, easily my favourite new zealand music informatorium) put together. he was all self deprecating about it, but i think the weird strobing looks cool as, and overall i give it two thumbs up for cool looking people doing serious faces:


it was maybe the best party ever, i think.
the other reason i decided to post this blog was because i had something of an epiphany last night. i've been quite despondent about my current situation for a while, pretty bored with dunedin/everything, and was feeling sorry for myself about this. and then i realised that the main reason i was feeling down was because i'd been treating happy fun things like trivial breaks in a constant stream of boring tedious, when i should be doing the opposite. basically just optimism instead of pessimism, i guess.
so from now on, i am happy, and shan't be taking what i have for granted. anything which interrupts my enjoyment of life shall be treated as next to inconsequential. happy matt! boom.
i also remembered that i should post a cat in a sweater, so here's this one.


I hope everyone is well and stuff, i don't know who even reads this but i feel like i haven't seen quite a number of you for a long time.

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

On almost everything I've done in the last month and a bit

I've totally fallen off the Blog Wagon (should that be capitalised? hmmmmm) since my trip to Wellington, due to large amounts of busy and small amounts of motivated, and since I had my last two music tests for the year today, I figured now would be a good time to recap.

So, I went up to Wellington via Christchurch a while ago, and while it wasn't all super fun exciting, I really enjoyed myself. I saw lots of long-distance friends, and had great adventures. I think my top favez were taking the train to Paraparaumu with Elizabiscuit then going on a date with Giannnnnna, all in one day, and going to Beach House and Bachelorette the night after. I will put up photos of this when I figure out how I can get them onto my computer easily (I lost my USB cord thing).
When I left Wellington I flew down to Christchurch, coz it was like $40 or $50 cheaper than flying straight to Dunedin. This is generally a good idea, but is much less so if you don't also book a bus in advance. The Night Rider = shit.
I did go to a pretty awesome party in Christchurch. When I arrived there were about 30 people there, including a group of about 8 teenagers sitting in the corner attracting animosity. I was pretty confused, but was informed that they were some of the younger members of Christchurch's premiere skateboard gang, The Thundercats (Thunderkittenzzz?). Anyway, eventually a little fight broke out, and while I sat quietly in the corner reading Vice, the ruffians were escorted outside. They flashed their penises at us from the road (we were in a second floor apartment) and then went to the car park building across the street and called in reinforcements.
Some older Thundercats soon arrived, and tried to break down the door with a drain grate. It was well scary. Seriously. They couldn't though, so they threw bottles at the windows instead. That kind of sucked too. The police came soon though, so they left and the party progressed quite well. I drank wine and made friends and probably berated some people. All quite standard, really.
Anyway, I caught a bus to Dunedin the next afternoon, and so concluded my mini holiday.

Bri-yawn Moanstown Massacrap
Na jokes, they were awesome.
I can't remember if anything of note happened after for the couple weeks after this. I went to Fever Club one night, and had a regrettable argument, but apart from that I think it was pretty quiet.

There is more to come, but I have become tired and restless. Photos, and stuff from Thought Creature>Present to come, probs in the next couple days.


about my lack of blog.
i will do it this afternoon, promise.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

dear lizbiscuit

i hope you're less angry now, or that this at least cheers you up a little


i will be the happy umbrella-wielding man to your cute miniature horse any time you need.
also, more big blog to come...

Thursday, August 21, 2008

bloody heck pt. 2

I am certain you will all be mega hyped to hear that I just finished my essay. It's right on 4am. I'm going to bed.
  • pack bagz
  • finish making tapez
  • get in touch w/ chch friendz
  • hand in ezzay
  • get on buz
  • travel!
I really cannot wait. WELLINGTON SO SOON!
Here's a remix I made for Lil Pictures. Who are incidentally playing at Happy tonight w/ Seth Frightening and Trimasturbate. I hear there's facepainting too! Phwoar.
This House Can Fit Us All (Mattatat Dreamix) - Little Picccctures
See you soon, Wellington.