Monday, August 18, 2008

bloody heck

this week is scary.
before friday i have to:
  • finish a materials of music assignment
  • do a materials of music class test
  • write a film music essay
  • do a music technology assignment
  • book a bus
  • go to chchchchchch
but after that, i get a whole week of fun fun hangout wine concert date party lazy awesome time
it will be bloody awesome i think
the olympics are taking their toll on me. in particular, the new zealand athletes' tendency to only compete at 2am local time. how inconsiderate. i think i have watched more hockey in the last 1.3 weeks than i ever have before. in my whole life! wow.
but, if by chance you happen to read this and will be in wellington next week, and we haven't already made plans to hang out, you should like, get in touch.
things i like at the moment:
  • this band
  • lots of other bands
  • brief periods of sun, breaking up long periods of awful.
  • plenty of stuff
  • being vague

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