Monday, August 4, 2008

I had a really good blog written last night

But then I decided I hated it, so I deleted it.
I've been feeling frustrated of late. At what specifically, I couldn't tell you. It's kinda just like an overarching frustration at lots of things. The cold? Being poor? Not being able to find new bands that I am totally in love with? Maybe it's all of these things. Dunno. Probably.
I think things will get more exciting soon though. I'm going to Wellington in 3 weeks, or even like 2.5. Wow! I have (drunkenly and otherwise) promised my time to many different groups, so hopefully I can fulfill these commitments. I think sober promises will have to take precedent though. It only seems right.
School is pretty dumb at the moment. I've recently realised that I just want to be finished and to get a real job and just do promotey stuff. Coz at this stage, the fact that I am without wads of disposable income makes stuff much more difficult and stressful than it needs to be. But! I did buy a lovely woolen cardigan the other day. I felt that the expense was warranted, because it was a lovely deep blue and very soft. And I needed a cardigan lots. Oh, and I also bought the complete Maus from Scribes Secondhand Bookstore. Hooray!
I should finish this post, because I'm currently procrastinating from doing quite an important assignment. Eek and egad. Here is a picture of the world's worst pizza

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richard said...

is that burgers on a pizza? yikes

in australia you can get meat pie pizza from dominos. oh yeah