Sunday, June 22, 2008

greg gillis

is officially amazing. girl talk is him, and the new girl talk album is one of the greatest pieces of party i have thus far encountered. seriously. more hip hop classics and pop cheese then you can shake a stick at, and tis free!
and alla dat.
everyone should get this. by which i mean no one. because i assume no one reads this. but if you do happen to read, get it.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

bloggy bloggy blog

I pretty much suck at blogs, or at least at consistently maintaining them. My past blogging attempts have been less fertile gardens of fascinating ideas and witty prose than barren deserts punctuated by infrequent cacti of mild interest.
That is quite probably the most interesting sentence I've ever written in a blog.
My name is Matthew Hugh McAuley, and I like to pretend to be smart. I love pop culture, in many of the varied forms it takes, but I guess my major passion is music. I listen to it and criticize it and sometimes attempt to make it. I am from a small sawmilling town, and I myself have spent many hot dusty afternoons and cold snowsy mornings amongst the logs. Not fun. I don
't particularly want to work in a sawmill again.
At this stage I think this blog will probably serve mainly as somewhere for me to publish the myriad hypothetical situations I spend my days devising. My most recent, and possibly most interesting, is as follows:
What if everyone
's size was proportionate? By which I mean, what if people of the same height were all the exact same shape and size? What an interesting world that would be. Would girls still have boobs? Would boys now have boobs also? A mystery, is what it is.
If you didn
't find that interesting, then you probably wouldn't find much of what I say all that noteworthy. If you did, however, stick around. Plenty more where that came from.
Tell all your friends that I
'm cool and stuff, and hopefully I shan't be too e-lonely.