Sunday, August 10, 2008

can i fold you in 14 ways to depend not defend?

I just thought about the song Souvenirs by Architecture in Helsinki. I think it is one of my favourites ever. Definitely my fave by them.
It is on their first album, Fingers Crossed, and is SO pretty. The lyrics are all about unrequited loves, or more specifically, loves which almost occurred, which is a theme which totally resonates deeply throughout my being. Ha.
I think my favourite couplet in this song is
"Whispers Chinese leaves a message leaves a metaphor
For what once was gold and once was rich but now is poor."
So so beautiful. I recommend the song+album to everyone. This was the closest thing I could find to a stream of the song, and it's ugly to look at, so maybe look at a tree or hug a blanket or something whilst it plays.

Yeah. Also, this song is great too. And so is the video.

I think I will watch some more Olympics then hit the hay.

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