Wednesday, October 22, 2008

post with the most toast

i apologise for leading you in with promises of updates on my life, and then again with a blog about toast, but i'm sometimes unreliable like that.
basically, thought creature went well, i spent some time in christchurch, went to a weird party and ate some gross corn chips (stale), my memory blanked for a few weeks, i had a big weird birthday party that i've explained too many times. it was awesome though.
here's a brief video that mr chris andrews (lord and master of, easily my favourite new zealand music informatorium) put together. he was all self deprecating about it, but i think the weird strobing looks cool as, and overall i give it two thumbs up for cool looking people doing serious faces:


it was maybe the best party ever, i think.
the other reason i decided to post this blog was because i had something of an epiphany last night. i've been quite despondent about my current situation for a while, pretty bored with dunedin/everything, and was feeling sorry for myself about this. and then i realised that the main reason i was feeling down was because i'd been treating happy fun things like trivial breaks in a constant stream of boring tedious, when i should be doing the opposite. basically just optimism instead of pessimism, i guess.
so from now on, i am happy, and shan't be taking what i have for granted. anything which interrupts my enjoyment of life shall be treated as next to inconsequential. happy matt! boom.
i also remembered that i should post a cat in a sweater, so here's this one.


I hope everyone is well and stuff, i don't know who even reads this but i feel like i haven't seen quite a number of you for a long time.


mattatat said...

p.s. click on the cat to see it properly. i embedded it wrong and am too tired to fix. too tired!

Elizabiscuit said...

where are more cats? I demand more!